Handy Tools for Working With XML

Hi there, I'll will here keep small bits and pieces of XML things that are handy to know. Right now this page is only as a reminder for mysself, but I might produce a "real" document later :-)

Format an XML document

xmllint -format <xml.file>

Validate using the DTD

The DTD needs to be locally available. If it is referred by a valid external URI, add the--loaddtd option.

xmllint --validate <xml.file>

Validate using Schema

xmllint --schema <file.xsd> <file.xml>

Converting an W3C Schema to a Relax NG schema

Below I demonstrate converting to both human readable (RNG) and compact (RNC) Relax NG from a normal W3C schema XSD file:

# converting from XSD to RNG

java -jar /opt/rngconv/rngconv.jar\ $file.xsd\


# conveting from RNG to RNC

java -jar /opt/trang/trang.jar\ -I rng\ -O rnc\ $file.rng\ $file.rnc

PS: Thetrang utility is also available as a Debian package.

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