Useful svn commands

Here are some of my favourite svn commands.

Create a branch from trunk

$ svn copy \

Merge branch back into trunk

$ cd trunk
$ svn merge --reintegrate

Cherry pick a single revision from trunk into your branch

Here, I cherry pick revision 252723 from trunk into my release-1 branch.

$ cd branches/release-1
$ svn merge -c 252723

Keep your branch up to date with changes in trunk

$ cd branches/my-branch
$ svn merge

Resolving merge conflicts

When Subversion cannot figure out the conflict by itself, it’ll ask you:

Select: (p) postpone, (df) diff-full, (e) edit, (r) resolved, (mc) mine-conflict, (tc) theirs-conflict, (s) show all options:

I recommend pressing dc (display conflict), this will show you the different versions of the conflicting fragments with the shortcuts you need to press to select either of them: tc (their version) or mc (my version).

View the diff of a commit

$ svn diff -r <revision>

To just see the files that were changed, so:

$ svn diff --summarize -c <revision>

Reverting a revision

$ svn merge -c -<revision>

You can think of it as subtracting (hence the minus sign) a commit.

Seeing incoming changes

If you want to see which changes to your working copy a svn update will do, you can type the following command:

$ svn log --diff -r BASE:HEAD

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