Watching all the HTTP traffic

This is a great way of watching the normal HTTP traffic on a given host using theeth1 interface:

tcpdump -i eth1 -l -s0 -w - tcp dst port 80  | strings

Note that this will not print the responses from the server as these will not have destination port80. To watch both server requests and responses transmitted on my default interface (i.e. no-i), I use:

tcpdump -l -s0 -w - tcp   | strings

Watching all communication to and from memcached

In my case, the memcached is running on its default port, 11211, and all communication to and from it is local to the current host, hence all the traffic goes over the loopback interfacelo.

To view all the memcached traffic, including seeing the key/value pairs and memcached return statuses, you can do:

tcpdump -i  lo -s0 -w - tcp dst port 11211

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