Loading a New Configuration While Varnish Is Running

A great feature of Varnish is that you can re-configure it while it's running. You to this by logging on to the administration port usingtelnet:

# telnet localhost 6082
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 23
active         70 boot

vcl.load conf1 /etc/varnish/mysite.vcl
200 13
VCL compiled.
vcl.use conf1
200 0

That's it, Varnish is now running with your modified configuration. If you need to switch back to the initial configuration, you do:

200 47
available      65 boot
active          5 conf1

vcl.use boot

A Gem for the Ones Who've Read This Far

One thing before I leave you, daer reader, I'd hugely recommend you to run rlwrap in front of any telnet session. Withrlwrap, your arrow keys work, so does your Emacs short cuts and input history (using the up and down arrows).

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