I use Bitlbee to expose Jabber group chat as IRC channels so that I can use ERC to connect to them. Here's how I've set it up.

First, I added my Jabber account (well, first I connected to bitlbee on localhost:6667):

register my-bittlbee-user my-new-bittlbee-password account add jabber mypassword account on

I then added our department Jabber group chat room:

chat add 0

The 0 refers to the first account inside my bitlbee account. That's it for the bitlbee setup, I could now join the Jabber chat room by a normal IRC command:


Now, I can enjoy chatting in my company Jabber chat room in the same client that I use for chatting in my company IRC chat rooms. Excellent! Bitlbee also supports a lot of other IM networks, like MSN, Yahoo and Facebook, just add more accounts as I did in the first step above and off you go. Good luck!

Setting a nick per chat

If you want to set a different nick for a particluar chat, you can do (tested on Bitlbee 3.0.5+20120604+devel) the below command, this approach works with nicks with spaces in them, as opposed to the/nick command:

channel myroom set nick "Torstein Krause Johansen"

Add HipChat chat room

chat add <bitlbee-account-id> <hipchat-id>_<hipchat-room-name> #<id>

My HipChat account set up in Bitlbee is called "hipchat", my company's HipChat ID is 12334 and the HipChat room is called "myroom". If you're uncertain about this funny lookin gaddress, the exact Jabber reference string (JID) can be found on the room page on the HipChat web interface under


chat add hipchat #myroom

I call my Bitlbee IRC channels the same as they're called in HipChat, thus #myroom here, but of course, you can call it whatever you want 😉

Licensed under CC BY Creative Commons License ~ ✉ torstein.k.johansen @ gmail ~ 🐘 ~ 🐦 @torsteinkrause