Keep your OS secure and up to date

The best and easiest way of keeping your machine secure, is to constantly upgrade all of its components. Not only a few selected apps like Chrome, but all components, including the git command, the SSL/TLS libraries and so on. Below, I list the commands I use on the different platforms I frequent (plus Windows).

Debian & Ubuntu based machines

# apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Arch based machines

# pacman -Syu
$ paru -Syu

RedHat 8 and Fedora based machines

# dnf upgrade

RedHat 7 based machines

# yum upgrade


# syspatch
# pkg_add -u


# softwareupdate -i -a
$ brew upgrade

Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) or later

c:\> winget upgrade --all


As always, # means the command should be executed as root or with sudo and $ means the command should be executed by your regular user.

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