This is my now page, updated 2024-01-26 from my home in Norway while the snow is falling down outside my window.


The Cretan Runner by the amazing runner and hero, George Psychoundakis.


Since it's winter, I go skiing as often as I can, both here in the nearby forest and in the mountains. Plan to take part in the Birkebeiner race in March.


In the evening, after the kid sleeps, I thoroughly enjoy playing point and click adventures on my Steam Deck that I got last summer in Taiwan.


Workwise, I still love working at Stibo DX, coding lots of Python, Java, BASH, Linux, OIDC and deal a fair bit with app security.


Emacs 29.2 with native compilation. Still on Xorg/i3, although I've started to try out Wayland/Hyprland on my private laptop.

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