Setting Up APT Repo With Signed Packages

# mkdir -p /var/www/html/apt/conf

Add the following contentsto a new file,/var/www/apt/conf/distributions:

Origin: Your Name
Label: The Name of Your Repository
Suite: stable
Codename: wheezy
Architectures: i386 amd64 source
Components: main non-free
Description: A longer description of the repository
SignWith: yes

Install packages for easily managing the repository:

# apt-get install reprepro dpkg-sig

Create a GPG if you don't already have it:

# gpg --create

To sign a package with your server key, do:

# dpkg-sig --sign builder -k <key> my-package-2.0-2.0.0-8.deb

Finally, add the package to your repository:

# reprepro \
  --ask-passphrase \
  --keepunreferencedfiles \
  -Vb /var/www/html/apt \
  -C non-free \
  includedeb \
  stable \

Be sure to lookup the options in man reprepro before you execute the above command 😄

Licensed under CC BY Creative Commons License ~ ✉ torstein.k.johansen @ gmail ~ 🐘 ~ 🐦 @torsteinkrause