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rpm doesn't accept wildcards

You can't remove multiple packages matching a certain criteria:

# rpm -e escenic-*

Should remove all packages starting with escenic-, but it does not:

# rpm -e escenic-*
error: package escenic-* is not installed

Thus, you must succumb to writing a while loop to get all those packages removed:

# rpm -qa | grep ^escenic- | while read p ; do rpm -e $p; done

rpm packages can't contain common directories

DEB files can define directories, but the one-package-one-file is only enforced on file level, not on directory level. This means that if your package provides /etc/foo, the package can contain the /etc directory without any problem on a DEB system. On an RPM system, however, the package can't contain /etc.

You typically encounter this when you use alien to convert a DEB to an RPM file. To fix it, you must first generate the .spec file, then edit it (scripted or not) and then build your RPM.

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