My Gentoo Notes

Listing installed packages

If you've got the gentoo utility package installed, you can useequery to search installed packages. It supports wild cards, e.g.:

$ equery l *emacs*

Listing all files belonging to an installed package

This is the equivalent of what we on Debian based systems would dodpkg -L <package> for:

$ equery f dev-java/jdbc-mysql

Configuration files for the init.d scripts

Debian systems use the/etc/default directory structure for providing configuration for the init.d scripts. However, in Gentoo, I've found /etc/conf.d to provide the same feature.

Hence, to find the configuration for varnish, you'd have to look in/etc/conf.d/varnishd on Gentoo instead of /etc/default/varnish as you would on Debian systems. Also note that Gentoo adds the d as in daemon to the file and variables.

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