Mounting drives over SSH


As long as you have SSH access to a server, you can comfortably mount it as a local disk to your own computer. You can either do this in your file manager (this is the easiest, e.g in GNOME's Nautilus), you can do it on the command line. However, my favourite, is to do it over the standard /etc/fstab mechanism.

These are my entries for mounting two servers over SSH to my local machine. The file server runs SSH on a non-standard port, so I need an extra parameter in thefstab.

sshfs#files@myfiles:/           /mnt/myfiles      fuse noauto,user,port=7722 0 0
sshfs#music@mymusic:/home/music /mnt/mymusic      fuse noauto,user           0 0

I can now mount these file shares from the shell with a standard:

$ mount /mnt/myfiles
$ mount /mnt/mymusic

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