List IPs of the KVM VMs

First, find the name(s) of the KVM network. By default this is default:

$ virsh net-list
 Name      State    Autostart   Persistent
 default   active   yes         yes

Then, list the IP addresses of the VMs using that network:

$ virsh net-dhcp-leases default
 Expiry Time           MAC address         Protocol   IP address           Hostname   Client ID or DUID
 2023-04-11 11:44:02   52:54:00:5d:97:ab   ipv4   debbie     ff:00:5d:97:ab:00:01:00:01:29:71:6a:0e:52:54:00:65:9a:7f

Note, the name listed is not the VM name, but the hostname the OS inside the VM reports.

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