Good OpenShift DX

RedHat has been hard at work to give developers a good experience (DX = Developer eXperience), here I share some gems I've found.

Execute commands in a pod and pipe output to local commands

If you want to run a command on a container in an OpenShift cluster, but want to do so from the comfort of your local command line, piping it to locally installed tools and editors, you can use exec just like in Docker. In this example, the xmmlint and less commands exist only on my local machine:

$ oc exec -ti dc/orange -- curl -u user:foo http://engine:8080/webservice/index.xml | 
  xmllint --format - | 

Don't know if this was bleeding obvious to everyone and you've done this for ages, but I for one, have up until now always started a shell inside the container (passing bash as the command) and that's not always the best user experience since the containers are very limited in terms of what commands are available.

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