Getting two way clipboard between host and guest with virt-manager and Spice


host $ su -
host # pacman -S virt-manager

On the settings page for your virtual machine, ensure that you have a channel for Spice (I got this automatically with the Arch virt-manager package):

Device type: spicevmc
Target type: virtio
Target name: com.redhat.spice.0


host  $ ssh guest
guest $ su -
guest # apt-get install spice-vdagent
guest # systemctl enable spice-vdagent
guest # systemctl start spice-vdagent

Update 2022-11-28: I noticed the clipboard stopped working in my Debian guest running fluxbox. I added this manually (or in ~/.fluxbox/startup) to start the spice agent for my user:

spice-vdagent &

Two way clipboard

That's it. I can now copy text from Firefox running in the virtual machine and paste it into Chrome running on my host machine.

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