Wrting Letters in LaTeX

This is how I write letters using LaTeX. Once you have the template, it's so easy to write letters, you don't have worry about getting the layout right; LaTeX will take care of everything for you!


\name{Torstein Krause Johansen}
Torstein Krause Johansen\\
My house 2\\
0001 Oslo
\date{Oslo, den 26. April 2009}

The Person\\
To Whom I'm writing\\
0342 OSLO
\opening{Kjære ...,}

jeg skriver til Dem vedrørende...

\closing{Med vennlig hilsen,}
\signature{Torstein Krause Johansen}


Licensed under CC BY Creative Commons License ~ ✉ torstein.k.johansen @ gmail ~ 🐘 @skybert@emacs.ch ~ 🐦 @torsteinkrause