Common Mistakes by Norwegians

English Words and Expressions Often Causing Problems for Norwegians (and maybe others too)


This might be the most common mistake made by Norwegians: guys will tell you that they will take on a dress for their job interview. What they mean is of course that they will take on their suit.

The confusing thing, of course, is that suite in Norwegian is dress. Whereas dress in Norwegian is kjole.


"Priests" only exist in the Catholic church. If you're talking about a Protestant church leader, 'minister' is the word you're looking for.

First floor

Remember, in English, the first level is called "ground floor" and the second is called "first floor".


In Norwgian, a mile is ten kilotmetres. In English, however, it's one and a half kilometre!

God day

Although it's possible to translate "God dag" with "God day", it may be considered rude (or even awkward) to say so as a greeting. Just say "hello" instead.

Congratulations (birthday)

In English, you only say "congratulations" when the person has accomplished. Although it can be hard to be alive sometimes, it's hardly considered an accomplishment to have managed another year. Thus, don't say "congratulations", use "happy birthday" instead.

Vs and Ws

V and W are pronounced the same in Norwegian. Hence, getting these sounds right when speaking English is perhaps the greatest problems Norwegians have pronunciation wise.

So be sure that you're wishes are not vicious. ;-)

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