Oracle Application Server

This mighty beasts are quite cool once they get running ... some are more mighty than others, I know!

Listing the ports being used

To get a list of all ports and processes running in the OAS, do

./opmn/bin/opmnctl status -l

Accessing the appserver directly

The OC4J instances do not have an HTTP connector per default. This means that out of the box, the only way to access your webapp is through Apache (what Oracle has branded "Oracle HTTP Server"). This is in production fine, but when testing the appserver itself, you want to access it directly, as you would access your Tomcat or Resin appserver.

Look for an

<OC4J_INSTANCE>/config/http-web-site.xml</coe>, it should be there. Add a line to its configuration for your webapp (you'll find the same line in yourdefault-web-site.xml```.


Then add a line like this in you server.xml


Rotating logs

To enable rotating logs in OC4J, do the following: change thelog element to use the odl logger instead of the file logger. The ODL can, among other things, rotate the logs. When going through the conifg files you will see either an access-log element or a log element.

If you find anaccess-log element, comment it out and replace it withodl-access-log. For example:

Likewise, if you find a fileelement as a child of thelogelement, replace it withodl```. For example:

Files you need to edit


    $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4J instance>/conf/application.xml


    $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4J instance>/conf/default-web-site.xml


    $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4J instance>/conf/http-web-site.xml


    $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4J instance>/conf/jms.xml


    $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4J instance>/conf/rmi.xml


    $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4J instance>/conf/server.xml

Updating the configuration

After updating configuration, run the distributed configuration manager and then restart the OC4J instanse you have configured.

$ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl updateconfig

Restarting the entire server

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall
$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall

Please note, that usually it is enough to isseu:

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartproc

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