My Oracle Application Server Shit List

Things that are HUGELY annoying when working with Oracle Application Server.

Creating a new OCJ4 instance throws password expcetions

When creating a new OC4J instance with ./bin/createinstance -instanceName myInstance you're prompted for admin password of that instance, i.e. a new passowrd. Now, if you enter something different than the main Oracle admin password, it throws tons of exceptions!

To make matters worse, the instance is in spite of the exceptions created. You can start it, but you can't do much more as it's non functional. The only remedy here, is to stop it, remove it and add it again - this time with the same password asoc4jadmin

You cannot install OAS without a graphical display

This is the most stupid thing - ever! You connot run the installer with having X installed, and having access to it. This is so stupid only a windows person could have made it. How many Unix server programs have you installed that require a GUI?

Oracle's default connection pool does not handle a query that fails.

Oracle's default connection pool does not handle a query that fails. Instead, it gives a "socket write error".

It's impossible to update jar files while OC4J is running

With all other app servers, you can upgrade a jar file while the server is running, the new jar file first be activated with a restart.

With OAS, you always need to take down the OC4J instance when updating a library. This is hugely annoying when working in both production and development environments.

It doesn't read properties files in CLASSPATH

Typically, you write your log4j (logging) configuration in a properties file that is put in the appserver's CLASSPATH. Editing the configuration is then only a matter of editing the properties file.

With OAS, you have to put the properties file in a jar, which then is put into the OC4J classpath. Now, when you know that OC4J doesn't let you update jars while running, you'll relaise the sad fact that you have to stop the OC4J instance just to update your logging configuration!

The logs don't rotate per default

You need to configure rotating of the logs for each OC4J instance. This you must do in six XML files - one is not enough. Furthermore, it's impossible to rotate the main log file - for this you need two patches (!) from Oracle. See my notes on OAS for a walkthrough on how to enable rotation on all OAS logs.

You cannot install OAS into a directory which contain anything but letters

This means that a standard install directory name ofprogram-version is impossible! So, instaed of installing OAS into, say /opt/soa-, you have to go with something simpler, e.g. /opt/oas.

Now, this means that you cannot have multiple versions of OAS installed, and a symlink pointing to the current one as you would with any other Unix program on the globe!

To illustrate what I want:

/opt/oas -> /opt/oas-

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