List All Configured Passwords and Secrets in Jenkins

Sometimes, like when you want to migrate an old Jenkins to a new one and you don't know or remember all the configured passwords, secrets and signing keys, there's a simple way to get them.

First, log in to Jenkins, then head over to

In the text area, you can enter Groovy code and to get all the stored secrets, you can enter:

.forEach {
  println it.dump().replace(' ', '\n')

That's it, you can now got all the credentials. For secrets, like private SSH keys, you'll need to inspect the specific objects further (or in general, anything that doesn't have a sane toString() method that dump() calls, like:


If you don't have login access to Jenkins, but Unix access to the machine it's running on, you can instead poke in /proc/<pid> when a job using one of the credentials you're interested in. You can then see all the environment variables it has access to with:

$ cat /proc/<pid>/environ | tr '\0' '\n'

Happy snooping!

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