Debugging in Production: what has been deployed?

I want to know what version of the class com.example.MyApp has been deployed. I know that the old version of the class had one makeWorld method which takes an Object as argument whereas the new version has two makeWorld methods, the second of which also takes a UriInfo object.

Now, I want to find out which version is currently running in the application server. I only have SSH access to the box, and I cannot set up remote debugging.

With the stage set, I ssh into the server and issue the following commands:

$ cd /opt/tomcat/webapp/myapp
$ javap -p -cp WEB-INF/lib/myapp-1.0.jar com/example/MyApp | grep makeWorld
  public com.example.World makeWorld(java.lang.Object,;
  public com.example.World makeWorld(java.lang.Object);

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