CUE User Manager

On a fresh system, without AD sync, can I create a new user in Gluu and have that successfully log into ECE/CUE?

Yes, as long as the Gluu user has the custom fields homePublication and groups set.

If we've forgotten to set homePublication and/or userGroups on the gluu::person and the user has been created in ECE, will the new homePublication and userGroups fields get synced or is the ECE users left to their own devices?

Does this mean we must provide a default publicationMapping too? Or will it work as long as the gluu:userGroups contain fields like anything_editor?

If the newroom template is ${ignore}_${name}, anything_editor will map to group with name editor in ECE. If you don't provide publicationMapping, you will have to set homePublcation. (edited)

What's the difference between using UM with ECE & NG and setting ECE up to auth against AD directly?

The answer can be found in the ECE doc:

Only authentication is carried out by Active Directory, authorization is still performed by the Content Engine, so you still have to define Content Engine users. The Content Engine users must have identical user names to the Active Directory users.

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