persistent window splits

Ever created windows splits in Emacs, say two vertical with code and one large horizontal beneath with compilation output, and then having it ruined when firing off a command or starting a mode?

I had this for years, mitigating it with winner-mode and winner-undo. It allowed me to navigate back and forth between my different window split setups. However, it was a bit tedious and didn't always work (some modes grabbed my shortcut).

I then started storing the window splits in Emacs registers: 1) split the windows the way you want them 2) store it with C-x r w RET 1 and then jump back to it with C-x r j RET 1. The only problem was they didn't persist between session.

Finally, I read up on workgroup2 and have finally gotten stable, persistent window split configuration. What's more, it allows me to store different splits and buffer contents for my different contexts, e.g. I have: - user-manager # 2 vertical code buffers, horizontal compilation buffer - user-manager-wide # 4 vertical code buffers, compile, vterm - zipline # 2 python buffers, python REPL, vterm

And so on. Creating a split is done with wg-create-workgroup RET <name> and opening a split is done with wg-open-workgroup RET <name>.

Highly recommended.

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