Navigate to a function in your Python, C, Java, Elisp file

There are lots of great special purpose extensions for your favourite language in Emacs (e.g. I use emacs-eclim for Java), but there's a small gem called imenu which gives you a lot of this for free without any setup of any can.

It scans the source code in your buffer and provides these in a menu. Combining this with a completion like helm-imenu, you have a really neat simple code navigation for any source file you open. No setup required.

For the time being, I prefer using vanilla imenu together with ido-ubiquitous and ido-vertical-mode over helm-imenu as ido gives a faster experience and it doesn't alter my UI too much.


I've bound imenu to Ctrl+,:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-,") 'imenu)

Happy hacking.

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