Awesome real time search in Emacs

Thanks to the awesome helm completion framework and the helm-swoop plugin to it, Emacs offers awesome search in the current buffer.

When invoking helm-swoop, it picks whatever word is under the cursor and performs a search on that. You can of course modify the search string and the results update in real time. You can navigate search results with e.g. C-n and C-p and Emacs will navigate to the search hit in the file instantaneously.


I've tested it out on fairly large Java classes (over 3700 lines, don't tell anyone) with loads of search hits to navigate through and helm-swoop is performing well.

I could imagine that it becomes cumbersome when using it on log files and searching for really common strings in those, but it's so far been so fast that I've mapped it up to C-s instead of Emacs' default isearch-forward:

(require 'helm-swoop)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-s") 'helm-swoop)

Happy searching!

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