Create graphical er diagram from the command line

To create a graphical er diagram of your database from the command line, you can use schemaspy.

On Arch Linux, you can install it with:

$ paru -S schemaspy

For other distros, Windows and Mac: If you don't find it in your package manager for your system, you can download the JAR file from their website, it's a one-JAR-file program.

You're now set to use it. You pass it the database type, connection details and so on. It's worth noting that for MySQL and MariaDB, the datbase namae passed in -db <db> and schema given in -s <schema> is the same.

$ schemaspy -o ~/mydb-er-website \
    -t mariadb \
    -host localhost \
    -db mydb \
    -s mydb \
    -u myuser \
    -p hunter2

Point your browser at ~/mydb-er-website/index.html and you'll find a website dedicated to your database, including nice PNGs of each table and its immediate relationsships, as well as diagrams of the complete database.

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