Getting a Fancy Prompt

For Normal Users

I use this for my normal user.

export PS1="\[\033[0;36m\]{\[\033[0;50m\]\w/\[\033[0;36m\]} \[\033[0;32m\]what now... \[\033[0;39m\]"


<span style="color: cyan;">{</span>/var/www/<span style="color: cyan;">}</span> <span style="color: green">what now...</span>

For the Root User

I use this for my root user, it's important for me that the user nameroot stands out in bold read colour to remind me to be careful :-)

export PS1="\[\033[1;31m\]\u\[\033[0;0m\]@\h "

This produces:

<span style="color: red; font-weight: bolder;">root</span>@mithrandir

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