LinuxCon Berlin 2016 |

LinuxCon Berlin 2016

Berlin 4-6 October 2016

Biggest Linux conference in Europe, organised by the Linux Foundation. Lots of Linux kernel developers: Linux Foundation (Greg Kroah-Hartman was there!) , Google , Intel , Amazon (AWS) , Fujitsu. Operating systems: RedHat Linux , SuSE Linux , Oracle Linux , CentOS , CoreOS Lots of container & virtualisation: , Docker developers (and the company) , Kubernetes , Mesos , rkt , OpenShift , QEMU , KVM , Vagrant.

Other Linux subsystems

Hardware with heavy Linux investment: Dell EMC, IBM, HP, Huawei.

Other notables: , Free Software Foundation , Fedora , ffmpeg Databases: Percona , MariaDB

It was...Awesome!

25 year's celebration @ Charlottenburg palace

The more you know, the more you know you don't know. Aristotle

Google & open source


Security in the Linux kernel (way over my head, understood 10%)

Linux security modules (LSM)

Integrity management (IMA, EVM)



Kernel namespaces

What is a container?

What' the difference between a container and a virtual machine?

Think focus:

Containers are convenient sugar


$ pstree -a   $(pidof dockerd)
# kill $(pidof sleep)


Highly recommended

Containerising Java applications

I've talked to a lot of experts, including container & operations experts from HP, RedHat and CoreOS.

These are people that have loads of experience with BIG deployments, LOTS of deployments and commit code to Docker and related technologies like Kubernetes

None knew of a good way to monitor or error hunt a Java application running in a clustered Docker (or other) container.

Containers are great ...

Containers are not so great ...

Container Orchestration

We can still make use of some of the plumbing

Some of container related technology could become useful for us.


Make a container communicate through a socket

An interesting acquaintance: CoreOS

rkt instead of dockerd


Chrome OS

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