BASH foo

BASH foo: Taking your BASH skills to the next level is a talk for folks that have used the command line for work, but want to kick their skills up a notch.

Test Driven Development in BASH

Character sets & encodings

Squares and question marks: An adventure into the world of character sets and encodings is a talk I originally wrote for SPK that I have developed further presenting it at Conduct, Escenic and on JavaZone 2015.

Git for Perforcers

Git for Perforcers is a crash course in Git for developers used to Perforce (also known as p4).

Maven dependencies

How to compose a perfect team

What motivates a team?

Comparing cultures

Comparing cultures is a fast paced talk on two famous models for comparing cultures. Being aware of our differences in motivation and values makes us more effective communicators and better collaborators.

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