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Querying Solr using the HTTP API

Querying multi value fields

Here, I have a multi value field author:

  multiValued="true" />

To query for documents with a given author, you cannot (for some reason I don't understand) use a reqular q=author:John, instead you must a query filter fq:


The URL then looks like this, example here given with curl:

$ curl 'http://search:8983/core1/select?q=*:*&fq=(author:0+OR+John)&wt=json&indent=true

If you want to apply more parameters to the search to narrow down the results, you can include the regular single valued fields in the q parameter as normal. For example, here I want to include only the documents that have the contenttype field set to story:

$ curl 'http://search:8983/core1/select?q=contenttype:story&fq=(author:0+OR+John)&wt=json&indent=true

An in case you were wondering, yes you need the first 0+OR, or else it doesn't work 😉

Happy searching!

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