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Lombok is a real time saver at times but it can also lead to unexpected bugs in your code. Here, I've described some of the caveats I've encountered.

StackOverflow in @ToString

@ToString can give you stack overflow if it's lored into an infinite loop. One place where this can easily happen, is if you have javax.persistence entities that have fields with many to one relationships.

The remedy is to include those fields in the optional exclude parameter of the annotation:

@ToString(exclude = "tribe")
public class Indian
  private Tribe tribe;

@ToString(exclude = "indians")
public class Tribe
  @OneToMany(mappedBy = "tribe")
  private List<Indian> indians = new ArrayList<>();

Equals can trick you if you have proxied member variables

Again, this is a caveat if you have a @EqualsAndHashCode on your javax.persistence entity and this entity has a many to one/one to many field.

The remedy is to implement the equals() method yourself.

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