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Things Every Hacker Once Knew

The famous spelling mistake in the HTTP/1.0 specification, Referer instead of Referrer is blamed on the UNIX spell checker not having neither of them in its dictionary at the time they wrote the RFC. Check out this nugget from 1995: Re: Referer: (sic) from Roy T. Fielding on 1995-03-10 ( from January to April 1995)

Software Engineering Radio

/dev/lawyer Open Source License Business Perception Report

Linux & Unix

What is virtual memory? - Gary explains - Android Authority

SELinux Concepts - but for humans – LearntEmail

Do we really need swap on modern systems?

A tcpdump Tutorial and Primer with Examples

Index of /cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware

Servers can run out of entropy (randomness needed to complete various tasks such as JAR signing, SSL connections), one way to mitigate this is to install haveged: haveged - downloads


Docker provides a great developer experience but it leaves many things to be decided when it comes to taking it into production: Federacy

Death of Docker? - CertDepot

Really interesting to see what's moving in the container world. RedHat is really shaking things up in the Docker world: DevConf 2017 - Day 1 10:30 -11:30 am - Containers in Production - YouTube

Containers and docker | Consolia Comics

Interesting read on containers and challenges of sharing a kernel in spite of namespace & cgroups: Sysdig | Container isolation gone wrong

Reverse proxies

Finally got around to upgrade from Varnish 3 to 4. The folks at Varnish Software have been so nice to provide an upgrade guide which, albeit not a complete guide, is a good starting point: Upgrading to Varnish 4 — Varnish version 4.0.4 documentation

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