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Writing Excellent Bug Reports

Provide simple, concise steps to reproduce the system

Provide URIs and/or credentials to log on to a system

If you have a system where the problem can be observed and it's ok for the developer to get read access to this system, provide URIs, user names and passwords necessary to access this system and view the problem.

The best thing you can provide is an absolute URI which the coder can click on and instantly, without clicking or pressing anything, can view the problem.

State what you expected to happen

This might be obvious to you "When I press 'Save' it should store my document", but save everyone some time and clearly (and bluntly) state what you expect would happen.

Browser's Network inspector

Include relevant information from the logs


If you're backend is Tomcat, checkout all the files in tomcat/logs


/var/log/nginx/error.log and /var/log/access.log


Escenic Content Engine has several log files, be sure to include relevant portions from all of them

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